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 Wedding memories of the event are enhanced by the choice of the setting.  For the special day in so many lives it's often overlooked that the location should not only provide room, accessability, but also a certain unique charm that can be remembered forever.



   One of the most unique places to look for are historic buildings preferably in historic towns.  The history angle plays well when two people are exchanging vows for the remainder of their lives. Often the massive rooms, with standard tables and expandable walls just don't "cut it" in the scheme of shared memories.  In historic buildings the stability is there, the stream of memories from generation to generation, and a long history that new venues can not offer.  For a few hours decades of fond memories are made.  The Cotton Company Event Gallery is very conducive to this environment. 
   An enhancement used in many weddings in historic places is to use those items that were used eons before we had the accourtrements we have today.  Herbal weddings blend well in historic buildings.
   Click here is one short story of why Rosemary should be strewn,  rather than rice or confetti.  
  Also ever wonder why we have "June Brides"?   Enjoy this fun video on the history of the practical reasons we have "June Brides".  
 Hint:  "April Showers" helps set the scene!!

Enjoy the video provided to us by HerbFest.