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  Retail Displaying is an art form in presentation but a science in noticing what customers see, what they want and how to bring them back. 

   At the Cotton Company we believe in our #1 obligation is to make each visit by each customer a special occassion.

  Here's a few tips we pass on to our Vendor Entrepreneurs.

  Like a single rose in a garden the rose blossom must attract the honeybee in order to insure survival of the species. Retail is the same in light of current economic difficulties.

  What worked once may not work repeatedly so attention must be given to what enticed the customer to purchase initially. That initial attraction may not work on future purchases or even return visits by the customer. The one customer who deserves the most attention is always the one who is in front of the retailer or one who has or is purchasing presently. Displaying is basically a way for you to communicate to your customer who you are. Here are some tips on how to attract, retain, and have customers return to purchase.

* Decide on a theme or look, be something. Many retailers choose to be all to everyone which is impossible. Establish an identity the customer can rely upon and be consistent. If in a large retail location then use spaces thematically but if only exhibit in a boutique environment like 100 sq. ft. then develop a theme to your look. Random, uncoordinated displays are a turnoff from the get go - don't do it.

* Unite your merchandise around your theme. If a customer is purchasing a serving dish then it's likely they want something to serve in it so the retailer would surround this item with dips, herb mixes, or chips. Think in the mind of the customer, not in the mind of the wholesaler who sold you the merchandise.

* Always vary the location of items for sale. Often due to financial limits one can not constantly purchase new merchandise so be sure to take existing inventory and rearrange it so the store/booth looks fresh and new. Give your customer a new look each time but stay themed and focused on your overall goals.

* Showcase newer items and merchandise. New arrivals let the customer know your store is not static, nor is your customer, so display appropriately.

* If you have small items to show then use pegboards or display at eye level. Rarely will a customer bend to see a small item or look up. Those must be highly visible if they are to be seen.

* If in a shared space with other vendors then consider cross selling. By cross selling each of the vendors are actually increasing each others sales by satisfying the customer's needs. If one booth sells art framing supplies then another booth may sell the actual paints, or pastel pencils so when customer buys from one vendor be sure to recommend the other vendor, not only to help them but most importantly to let the customer know you are a one stop shopping destination for their needs. They and the other vendor will appreciate it.