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     Enjoy this video series of the history of downtown Wake Forest.  The Wake Forest Video series was produced by The Cotton Company, to foster support for the Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment.


Mural on  The Cotton Company Created By Franklin Academy Art Students on the History of Wake Forest.  Mural funded by Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment and Franklin Academy. 



History of Wake Forest Videos:

Video 1 - History of Wake Forest - Wake Forest Coffee Shop - Municipal Herb Gardens From Herbfest

Video 2 - The Wake Forest "Skyscraper"

Video 3 - Wake Forest Nightlife

Video 4 - Wake Forest's First Mail Order Sex Enhancers

Video 5 - The Cotton Company Sets Standard For Historic Preservation and the Circa Building

Video 6 - All Downtowns Had A Local Hardware Store - See Ours

Video 7 - Enjoy Shopping Again & Dine at Over The Falls Deli

Video 8 - Downtown Wake Forest Is Turned Around Backwards

Video 9 - Wake Forest Celebrates It's Centennial - 1909 to 2009

Video 10 - Water, Water Everywhere - But Not For Safety - The Cotton Company Sprinkler System

Video 11 -Yankees and Arnold Palmer Connect in Wake Forest

Video 12 - Wake Forest College & Town At Onset of WWII, as seen on CBS TV.

Hope you enjoy and we welcome your input on other videos you would like to see. 

Please email Bob Johnson with your ideas, suggestions.